Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Your tax dollars at work

I don't begrudge the people of Oklahoma federal aid to help them recover from a huge swarm of super-destructive tornadoes.  Even though their representatives are pretty much the definition of "dumbasses," and we all, to be honest, have serious doubts Oklahomans would vote to do the same for me and my family out here in a California they frankly love to hate, given the people they've elected didn't want to help our cousins on the other coast.

But there's kids in that mess, and they don't get to vote, and there's lots of people in Oklahoma who don't vote Republican.  I suppose we could ask people who they voted for - whether it was the born-on-third-base guy who wanted to gut FEMA - and then help accordingly, but aside from that, collective punishment is a barbaric practice.     

If you judged people by the idiots they elected, you'd think Oklahomans and the GOP and conservatives in general were a bunch of myopic, entitled, self-absorbed, delusional children.

They're not all like that. 

But from my fellow high-tax-paying liberal immigrant Californians to you anti-tax, anti-gay marriage, anti-immigrant pro-global warming Oklahomans, you're welcome.

I hope that when 6 million of my neighbors are left wandering around in a daze, many of them without a familiar place to sit down, because the Hayward fault slips a few feet, you have the grace to return the favor.

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