Thursday, March 22, 2012

RICO suave

I've long thought there's cells within the GOP that should trigger a RICO investigation.  Republicans in general are no more corrupt than anyone else, though we're probably not far from a book by David Brooks explaining how conservatives are actually less corrupt by nature than ... others on the political spectrum, much along the lines of today's column in the NYT by Nick Kristoff in which the self-professed liberal explains how liberals are actually less sensitive to the world than conservatives.  Yes, truly: conservatives are easily threatened and sensitive to smells, and that makes them more aware of their surroundings and thus... well, not better able to judge reality, because no one would claim that about these studies, would they?  Except that Kristoff does his best to imply that, so guess what, he does make that claim: that being easily threatened and sensitive to smells - effectively the behavior of tweens - means you have a better grasp of right and wrong.  Hookay then.