Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty: Making Fun of Racists is Racist!

I was thinking this morning of writing a post about the whole Duck Dynasty controversy, for a couple of reasons.  And then I went through Facebook this morning, because its a slow day at work - next week is some kind of religious holiday, and so they give us a bunch of time off, because the dominant religion here in the US forces everyone to obey its wishes - and saw a ton of posts, some of them making genuinely stupid comments about how this poor Phil guy who was interviewed in GQ is being discriminated against for his Christian beliefs.  And that's from the the people who also believe the entire thing was cooked up by A&E to resuscitate declining ratings.

Not much left to say, I suppose, after that.

And then I saw this piece by Ben Collins, a new writer at Esquire who I'm quite impressed with, that walks a reasonably fine line for a blog post, and is my wont, because I'm a sucker, I read the comments.