Monday, May 06, 2013

Now where did I put that meme...

A couple of things.

  • What are the odds that the Dunning-Kruger effect is positively correlated with the Right-Wing Authoritarian personality?  Maybe someone should do a Gartner magic quadrant-type graph.
  • What's with people talking about Ted Cruz running for President?  Ted is so Calgary all he's missing is the rye-and-coke breath and the white cowboy hat.  If you look closely at the back of his head and his hands you can already see the clips Alberta-bred politicians come with, that make it handy to attach them to their control bar.  
  • Thomas Pynchon has a new novel coming out this fall.  I own almost everything Pynchon has written except Slow Learner and I've read all of it more than once, except the last 200 pages of Against the Day and most of Mason & Dixon because, c'mon, really?  What I fear is that Bleeding Edge reminds me of Turn of the Century.  No one wants that.

  • Years ago Wynton Marsalis did a series on Jazz for kids that Sirius plays Saturday morning on its jazz station.  He mentioned one morning that Thelonious Monk really does the same chord progression in all his songs, something I'd noticed but wasn't really conscious of.  The genius of Thelonious Monk is that the progression uses a kind of dyslexic logic that plays out in dozens of different ways but that you'd never get to unless you heard it his way.

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