Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Locked and loaded

Cheney says there are units "chomping at the bit" for this sort of thing

This is the same man who, when he was Secretary of Defense during the first Iraq war, after watching the Dirty Dozen, suggested that the 101st Airborne be dropped somewhere at an airfield in the western deserts of Iraq, where they could commandeer a bunch of trucks and drive on into Baghdad, a whoopin' and a hollerin'.

This is the same man that decided he wanted to be the power behind the throne, and for the throne  picked a guy with daddy issues who'd made a career out of doing the opposite of what his daddy wanted.  And then filled his administration with people everyone else thought were dumb or ideological or assholes, who even the person he'd picked for the throne, famous for his ruthless loyalty, couldn't stomach.

This is a guy who under-reacted before 9/11, over-reacted during and after,and then decided to invade Iraq again because he thought a bunch of redneck kids from Texas and Alabama and rural California still hot from 9/11 and listening to gangster rap and thrash metal while they downed steroids and pumped iron waiting for the day when they could get revenge, would be just the people to demonstrate American goodwill to the Arab world.

This is a guy who thought it made sense to buy Dresser-Rand when he was head of Halliburton, when Dresser-Rand faced billions of dollars in mesothelioma and other asbestos-related lawsuits.  And who told Joe Leiberman in the VP debates during the 2000 election that Leiberman had no business experience, that he'd never stretched to make payroll.  That comment makes you wonder just how incompetent the CEO of a multi-billion dollar oil-field services company has to be if he's worried he's not going to be able to make payroll this month.

If Dick Cheney was a square on a Rubik's cube and you rotated the cube this way and that until all the colors lined up right, you'd see that Cheney was actually Barney Fife.

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