Monday, May 12, 2014

Clipper Chip

The Donald Sterling affair is an excellent example of how race gets dealt with in the US.

Sterling is the owner of the LA Clippers, a basketball team in the NBA with a black coach and mostly black players, who was recently recorded saying he doesn't want his mistress - or someone he wanted to be his mistress - hanging out with black people.  He was fined and banned from the NBA in a rather surprising turn of events, and its likely he'll lose the team.  Prior to the recording being made public Sterling was famous for (a) maintaining a very public image as a sugar daddy and (b) making his money as a slum lord in downtown LA, who was convicted of discriminating against Hispanic and African-American renters after another, earlier recording detailed his antediluvian attitudes.

You may have heard about it; it was in all the papers.