Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama's scandals

Here's how you create an Obama Scandal summer.
  1. Force him to run an overworked organization - overworked even when its fully staffed - with half the people it needs, because the other half can't be confirmed or otherwise hired because the GOP doesn't want the organization to work
  2. Force 5-10% cuts across the board to make things even more random.
  3. Of the remaining half of the employees, make sure they're werewolves left over from what is generally recognized as the most ideological administration in history.
  4. Ask a bunch of easily threatened people for some basic documentation explaining {why they should be tax-exempt|why the attack happened|where the leak came from}.  For example, if they want tax-exempt status, you might ask them whether they plan to run for office, or who's on their donor list, because you don't want to grant tax-exempt status to con artists, after all.  If they're in the CIA, you might ask them what intelligence they have about a situation.  Ask the same questions of less conservative people, but because you can rely on them not to get freaked out, they get the questions reserved for adults. 
  5. Have your overworked middle-management layer surface and solve the issue.
  6. Get mad and explain that it shouldn't have happened.  Avoid blaming your predecessor for the problem even though most of it happened with, y'know, his people, and his party won't let you hire replacements.
  7. Alow Maureen Dowd and Dana Milbank to complain from the back seat that the President hasn't yet taken ownership, because after five years he's still wrestling with the drunk in the driver's seat for the car keys.  Dowd and Milbank also get to demand we pull over and stop for drive-through daiquiris, as long as the driver is buying.  
  8. Have a guy who self-identifies as a salesman lead the "investigation." 
I believe I've worked at that company.  It went bankrupt.

Update: Bob Schieffer at CBS asks of the Obama administration, "is anybody home?"  No Bob.  Actually, he hasn't been allowed to hire anyone yet, really, and even then some the reqs were just cancelled.  So no, no one is home.

Its becoming clear that from the DC insider culture point-of-view, Democratic Presidents rule over caretaker governments that better not do anything.  In the interim periods, the GOP goes to rehab, loses some weight and gets a new trophy wife.

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