Monday, November 07, 2011

Window farming

A friend of mine mentioned on Facebook the other day (see, it is useful!) that it was too cold for gardening now and they were going to try a Windowfarm.  I think I'm going to try one too, and a family member who saw my share about Windowfarms is also going to try it.  (See, social media marketing works!) 

Its a little cold up here, and the light levels this time of year rarely pass the nine hour mark, but I found this explanation of how I can deal with the light, which I'm going to test on some herbs I brought in a couple of weeks ago.  With some barrier film on the windows, which I have to put up anyway, we should be able to keep the ambient heat and timed light at a level that at least tests the idea thoroughly enough for my completely skeptical spouse.

There's a longer post here about northern supply chains, Peak Oil, local sustainability and the economics of the food supply.  At the moment, however, I've got to figure out whether my time is better spent at Canada's crippleware version of Home Depot or Canadian Tire, which has everything, and cheaper, but always ends up encouraging impulse buying.

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