Saturday, November 29, 2014

Post-Racial America. Except for the Scots-Irish.

What is pretty clear now, is that after the Civil War, the Jim Crow laws, the lynchings, beatings, shootings and bombings, the civil rights movement and all the laws passed by legislatures of both parties in all fifty states, and all the advantages and opportunities they've been given, that some White Americans are just genetically incapable of being fair to Black people.

Despite the fact that its both the law and its the right thing to do, some White Americans are just basically violent racists. They just can't be trusted not to shoot Black people for no good reason, or abuse the law and take advantage of it to harm Black people.

And they certainly shouldn't be allowed to be cops. I mean, we hold cops to a much higher standard than gangs, but lately it seems like every week some white racist is shooting a black teenager just because the kid is acting like a teenager.

Maybe its the Scottish heritage. I'm part Scots myself and proud of it. But those people are pretty intolerant. Its a shame they can't be trusted, but they certainly don't seem to be able to treat Black people fairly.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. what would your grandmother say about that?