Sunday, February 19, 2012

Explosives expert, at 16!

Ezra Levant, who's claim to fame so far is the phrase "ethical oil" and regularly writing newspaper columns in which he accuses Barack Obama of being a Manchurian candidate (while remaining coy about just which Manchuria he might be a candidate for), has decided that Omar Khadr is an evil genius.  Apparently he was, at 16, both a translator for Al Qaeda and an explosives expert.  At 16!  An expert in explosives!

I had been under the misapprehension that Khadr had been thrown into suicidal battle by a father who may be in the all-time running, behind Cronos but somewhere ahead of, oh, say Ezra Levant, as the worst father ever.  For consider: he sends his teenage son from suburban Ontario to Afghanistan to die for the faith.  He's not just a religious fanatic, but he wants to kill his kid to prove how much of a fanatic he really is.  You just don't find guys like that much, although usually when you do they've been obssessively reading the same nasty books

But no, it turns out that Khadr is some kind of evil genius: an explosives expert and translator, both at 16!  Guantanamo is too good for him.  He needs to go to the prisons where we put Megamind and Dr. Evil, before he has the opportunity to point a laser at the Earth.

Thank goodness for Ezra Levant, who, while he may be an unscrupulous fame-whore desperate to get his name in the paper by saying outrageous, stupid and generally substanceless things, while shilling for wingnut welfare mills on both sides of the border, at least has our best interests in mind.

Imagine: an explosives expert at 16!  And we were thinking of letting this guy walk around Peterborough unmolested.

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